On behalf of the organizing committee for the Nepal Society of Nephrology Conference 2017 (NSNCon17), it gives us great pleasure to welcome you to Kathmandu. The aim of the conference is to provide continuing medical education to its members for professional development and providing the quality health to the public.

Kidney disease is emerging as a global burden and Nepal is no exception. Most of the kidney diseases are treatable or preventable. It seems that awareness regarding the kidney diseases amongst clinicians and general population is inadequate.

Nephrologists are facing different types of infections in their patients in day to day practice. As the age of the population and need for intensive care is increasing, the role of nephrologist in the management of these patients is becoming integral. CKD patients whether or not on renal replacement therapy are more vulnerable to different types of infections (viral, bacterial and fungal) due to various reasons like underlying diseases (DM), under nutrition and use of immunosuppressive drugs. So infection is one of the biggest challenges to nephrologists while managing the patients. Bearing this fact in mind, NSN has decided to keep Infections and Kidney diseases as a theme for this year's conference. We hope this meet will focus and enlighten the caveats in the management of infections in kidney diseases. 

Kathmandu: the capital city and the city of temples is an ancient city which was believed to be established in around 900 BC. It is a home to innumerable cultural heritage sites enlisted in UNESCO. The three cities within the valley is popularly known as ‘Swoniga’ in indigenous Newari language referring to ‘the three sister cities’. The sole metro city of the country inhabits more than four million diversed population, where Nepali is the most common language spoken. However, people are comfortable using English and Hindi as alternatives. The weather during the convention period will be comfortable (Max: 25-270C; Min: 8-90C) and we generally do not expect rain during this period.

We welcome you to this mega event of NSN in Kathmandu, Nepal where academic exchanges amongst participants from home and abroad will benefit each of us. We will do our level best to create an environment where academics can flourish. At this time we would like to request you to participate in the meet and submit your work for the free paper session to share your work to the world.  We humbly request all the participants to interact and participate in discussions energetically so that the meeting will be vivacious.