Dear esteemed seniors and fellow nephrologists,

It is my honor to serve as the Chair of the Scientific Committee for this year's National Conference of Nepal Society of Nephrology 2023 Conference. As we gather together to share our latest research findings, clinical experiences, and innovative ideas, we have the opportunity to advance our understanding and treatment of kidney diseases.

Kidney diseases affect millions of people around the world, and the prevalence is on the rise. We must remain committed to advancing our knowledge and improving patient outcomes through collaboration and scientific exchange. Nephrology service in Nepal is improving. The government of Nepal has introduced the reimbursement policy and is in the process of establishing HD centers in all districts. We are expecting a crisis of manpower in this field. It is now high time we develop manpower to provide uninterrupted quality service. Thus we need to strengthen the nephrology service in Nepal.

As for the theme of the conference, I am sure this convention will be a milestone to strengthen the nephrology service in Nepal. We have included workshops on POCUS and electrolytes, guest lectures, and panel discussions to make the conference more vibrant. On behalf of the Scientific Committee and NSN, I extend my sincere gratitude to all the speakers (international and national) for accepting our invitations and their contribution to making this event a grand one.

I encourage you to actively participate in the conference, including attending the keynote lectures, presenting your research, engaging in discussions, networking with your peers, and visiting the stalls at your convenience. Let us take advantage of this valuable opportunity to learn from each other and work together towards a common goal.

Thank you to the members of the scientific committee for their hard work and dedication in putting together this event, and to the delegates without whom the conference would never have materialized. I look forward to an enriching and productive conference.

Happy conferencing.

Best regards,

Dr Dhiraj N Manandhar

Chair, Scientific Committee

National Conference of Nepal Society of Nephrology 2023