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Greetings from president


I am very pleased to be writing on the occasion of Nepal Society of Nephrology's website launch. Nephrology Service was started in Nepal almost 40 years ago from one physician's interest in the subject, Late Dr. Pushkar Raj Satyal. The first Nephrology OPD in 1984, first hemodialysis service in 1988 and first Nephrology unit in 1990 were all offered at Bir Hospital with the joint efforts of Dr. Satyal, Dr. Sudha Khakurel and myself. Our capacity strengthened with Dr. Pramod K Chhetri, Dr. Rajendra K Agrawal and Dr. Rajani Hada joining Nephology unit in Bir Hospital in subsequent years. Our efforts at Bir Hospital were followed by the expansion of hemodialysis service in TUTH, Army hospital and establishment of not-for-profit organization, National Kidney Center.

In 1997, to coordinate our efforts, Nepal Society of Nephrology was conceived under the leadership of founding president Late Dr. PR Satyal. The society in its almost two decades of existence has achieved number of milestones helping make Nephrology service accessible to the people of Nepal.

Free Dialysis to All
Progressed from nominal financial support to now three times a week hemodialysis and CAPD service covering all dialysis providers including government, private and NGOs.

Kidney Transplant Program
Start of the Kidney Transplant Program in TUTH by Dr. Dibya Singh's team in 2008 followed by Dr. Rajendra Agrawal and Dr. Rajani Hada's team at Bir Hospital. Establishment of the Human Organ Transplant Center for Nephrology Care and Kidney Transplant Services, by the government, which is contributing significantly under leadership of Dr. Pukar Chandra Shrestha and Dr. Kalpana Shrestha .

Postgraduate Education
Start of subspecialitypostgraduate education as DM Nephrology in College of Medical Sciences, Bharatpur, TUTH Kathmandu, Bir Hospital and Nepal Medical College has helped reduce specialized manpower shortage by producing a new generation of Nephrologists that are actively involved in providing Nephrology care to the Nepalese people.

Prevention is better than cure
The KDHC campaign 'Early Recognition of Kidney Disease in Community and Treatment' launched under the leadership of Dr Sanjib K Sharma in Dharan has been recognized as a pioneer program by the World Nephrology Community.

Nephrology community of Nepal is observing and is enthusiastically celebrating World kidney Day every year in Nepal with a focus on increasing public participation to develop awareness about Kidney diseases.

I call upon every Nephrology unit, every Dialysis unit, each Nephrologist and all others involved today to contribute, in addition to taking care of patients, towards helping raise awareness and prevention of Kidney Diseases to reduce the burden of treatment in the years to come. Nepal Society of Nephrology will lead the fight against Kidney diseases in Nepal and this website will be the foundation for information, communication and inspiration for all its members.

Unity is our strength.

Dr Rishi KumarKafle MD, FASN