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Objectives of Nepal Society of Nephrology (NSN)
  1. To communicate, recommend and advice concerned government body regarding the renal health related activities.
  2. To create awareness regarding renal diseases to general population and organize local level health awareness program.
  3. To upgrade existing renal services of Nepal to the international standards.
  4. To organize the national and international seminars, workshops and conferences to develop new concepts in renal health.
  5. To conduct and supervise classes on health education regularly.
  6. To take necessary steps to upgrade the renal related manpower and update the knowledge on renal sciences through CME programs.
  7. To collaborate with national and international organizations related to renal diseases for necessary actions.
  8. To publish journals, newsletters, bulletins, booklets and pamphlets to create awareness in general population regarding renal diseases.
  9. To mobilize the manpower to expand the services related to renal diseases and donate and generate donations necessary for the act.
  10. To make effort helping poor and needy renal patients.
  11. To establish renal care and research center of international standard and facilities for the treatment of renal diseases in near future.